Other machines

Deburring service

To improve the finish of the piece, give a glossy aesthetic and round the sharp edges (remove the burr), you can pass the sheet by a deburring machine. The deburring machine is a machine that brushes the top surface of the piece, in order to start a layer of tenths of a millimeter and homogenize the finish. METALL-LÒGIC has both tube and sheet deburring machines.

The fact of having laser cutting machines and a deburring machine allows you to hairlining, vibrate any piece and eliminate any imperfection and scratching.

Thread service

The process of creating a thread, both on the outside of an axis and inside a hole. In order to thread a hole in a given metric, a tool called male is used. Instead, to generate a threads on a shaft or round bulk, a row is used. Threaders, or machines that give the tool a pair of strength, are called screws.

Turning service

Procedure that allows machining to thread, cut, crush, drill, cylinder and swallow revolution bodies. The most commonly used processes differentiate the cylinder, the boring and the threading of couplings, positioners and bolts.

Manufacturing processes

Milling machine

Machining services

A milling machine is a machine used to modify the geometry of solid pieces, to give them fullness, to mechanize a gear by means of a tool of shape, to slit, to make boxes and blind holes (with the technological advance, the milling allows get a lot of complex surfaces thanks to CNC automation and a freedom of up to six axes)


Machining services

In order to make holes with a precise diameter both in sheet metal (to a lesser extent) and in the massif, the drill is used. Unlike laser cutting and punching, there is no thick restriction. In order to make small holes in thick sheet (normally less than the thickness of the plate), the laser is used to cut the contour and to mark (record) the center of the holes, which will then be machined.


We offer laser cutting and threading post-cutting services.

The fact of having pneumatic and hydraulic threaders allows to offer a complementary and fast service.


We have a team of more than 20 approved welding workers with more than 15 years of experience.

We are specialized in welding TIG and MIG-MAG.