Curving services

METALL-LÒGIC has 4 curved cylinders of different lengths, diameters and powers. With capacity for cylindrical sheet 20mm thick, 3 meters long and with a maximum diameter of three meters.

The cylinder technique is widely used to work thin sheet (less than 10mm thick) and in large radii, making it an ideal solution for the manufacture of tanks, silos and chimneys of great section, among others. In order to bend sheet or thick plate and in small radios, the progressive bending is used. In this process a large number of small bundles are made in the air to generate a cylinder.

In order to curve geometries with relief, such as profiles or tubes, a type of special rollers is necessary. The stages of the process are similar to those described in the section of the plate cylinder, but the machinery and the used ones are different.

Specialists in the cylinder of the metal sheet


Tanks, containers, storage silos, cyclones, pots, bins, etc.

Our machinery park allows sheet metal cylinders up to Ø3000mm and 2000mm in height up to 20mm thick.


Revolutionary bodies in metal sheet

We perform linear and eccentric shaft cones, as well as transformations.

Curved profiles and tubes

Curved hot-rolled profile like UPN, LPN, cold and boiler profiles.

Thanks to specific rolls and molds we can curb tubes and profiles.

Bead rolling

We have beading machines

Capacity to bore sheet up to 4mm thick for deposits and containers