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Clutch Kits

Everything you need to replace an ACT clutch, Exedy clutch or Centerforce Clutch is included in these awesome clutch kits! We've got clutch kits of all kinds, performance and replacement, so shop with us! It's never been easier to do it yourself! We only offer the highest quality clutch kits around.

New clutch kits can give your car's transmission system a real boost. The factory-fitted clutches might be perfectly good for some people, but in other makes and models that can be one of the most problematic car parts on the whole vehicle. The transmission system is the part that works in collaboration with the engine to deliver power to the wheels, engaging the engine to generate the power and disengaging to change through the gearbox.

Choosing an appropriate clutch kit is a great way of replacing several of those troublesome parts in one go, but it's vital that you choose the transmission parts that work seamlessly with your existing car parts. We have a wide range of clutch kits and new transmission parts available for all industrial and personal purposes, and our parts finder tool that will enable you to find the best parts for you and your budget just by entering your registration.

These clutch kits you offer helped me to get back on the road when I had a major issue with my car. The most important and pleasant part about these clutch kits is their reliability and high quality. Thank you!

We have been using your clutch kits for over 5 years now, just since they were introduced. You have never disappointed me and my company, which constantly orders your parts for mechanical engineering.