Parts for Mechanical Engineering

Fabricator produces parts for various purposes of mechanical engineering required by modern machine building companies and enterprises.

Pipes Production

Our copper, seamless and stainless steel pipes are used by companies worldwide. We are proud to be #1 resource of pipes production in the US.

Fittings Production

We offer a wide range of fittings for materials for different applications. Regardless of what fittings you need, our team can find the ideal product for you.

Automobile Clutches

As one of the most important parts in modern vehicles, Fabricator clutches are very popular among our individual and corporate customers.

Metal Cables

Metal cables play a great role in communication, whether it is Internet or telephone connection. We are always ready to provide a variety of these products.

Robot Manipulators

Reach the full potential of your projects with Robot Manipulators. These robotic manipulators or robot arms are robust, safe and versatile.